Dukes 6th Skaters!

This is why we do it.  This is what it’s all about.

A post by Danielle Spitzig and Mike Foley (Ryders parents).

Long proud/emotional mom post alert 🚨
Last night’s game was nothing shy of a dream come true for Ryder, and a heart warming event for Mike and I!!
The players and staff of the Wellington Dukes treated Ryder like royalty and made him feel like he was a part of the team!
Ryder was showcased in the program and got to go out on the ice with the starting line up. To make it even more special he got to do it all beside his idol #7 Connor Hunt.
Connor got a goal then unfortunately broke his new stick…. After the game Ryder was given Connor’s stick (which he signed) making it a highlight for the little man! He asked to sleep with it lol
Ryder had quite the fan club to cheer him on as well! His school teacher and her children came out to see the debut and made a sign for Ryder! 🥰 apparently she was given STRICT instructions to get a photo that she is to share with the other teachers 🤦🏼‍♀️
The pictures and videos below say the words I cannot come up with, and all the feels this Momma has!
Ryder is over the moon and I am forever thankful to the Dukes organization, the players especially his hero #7 for making this an unforgettable experience!!
Dukes won in DOUBLE OT 🚨🏒🥅
Fast forward to today:
Ryder had his very first game and Conner stopped by to see him play for a bit. Ryder scored his first goal while he was there and showed him his incredible celly 🤪