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Provide a Home Away from Home for a Wellington Duke

Come and join our winning tradition!

The Wellington Dukes are looking for interested billet families. The team is focused on providing the best living arrangements for its players with the help from members of Dukes family in the communities of, Wellington/ Picton/Belleville and the surrounding area. The Dukes players will be matched with a billet family that is the best fit possible.

Billet families are an integral part of the Wellington Dukes organization as they play an important role in team success both on and off the ice.  By opening their homes, billet families ensure that players have a stable, safe and secure home to live in so they are able to play for the Dukes and harness their full potential on the ice, at home, in school, and in the community.

The Dukes are proud of their billet program and all the families that participate in supporting the players.  Without the support of these families who welcome players into their homes and make them feel like a part of their family, the program would not be able to function.

Ideal families for the Dukes billet program will be able to provide clean, spacious accommodations for players in a caring, supportive, and safe environment that is conducive to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Having the right support system at a billet home often makes a huge difference throughout the duration of a long hockey season that has many ups and downs.

Thank you for showing interest in joining our team!

Carrie and Ian Deline 

613-661-2980 / EMAIL CONTACT

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